This FAQ page answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the MyTrade community.
I have an order that is stuck 'Pending' forever. How do I resolve this?
Please see guide below.
Why do I see Quickswap as the Liquidity source on the Trading page of MyTrade V2?
MyTrade V2 on Polygon will route trades to Quickswap if there is no AMM liquidity on MyTrade. Traders can get the benefit of using a price chart on MyTrade while enjoying the trading depth of Quickswap. Once AMM liquidity are created on MyTrade, traders will be able to activate the Limit Order feature and Order Book.
What is eMYT?
eMYT stands for experimental MYT, see Tokenomics section for details.
When will Mining start?
eMYT mining will start in October 2021 and MYT mining will start at the end of experimental phase.
Will you be able to swap eMYT for MYT later?
No, eMYT will not be exchangeable for MYT. Once MYT launches, eMYT will retain its value as a governance token with double the voting rights of MYT.
How do I transfer assets from Ethereum to Polygon?
Visit the official Polygon Bridge:
What is an AMM liquidity pool?
AMM stands for Automated Market Maker, and is one of the systems that provides liquidity for traders on MyTrade.
Who is the counterparty of my transaction?
Smart contracts will automatically match and process your order at the best possible price from either the order book or from the liquidity pool. The order book consists of Limit Orders set by traders. AMM liquidity pool funds are provided by LPs.
What is the difference between a Market order and a Limit order?
Market orders will execute immediately at the best possible price from either the order book or the liquidity pool, and are also known as the 'Taker'. Limit orders will only execute at a specified price or better. Limit orders can be placed on the orderbook and are often referred to as the 'Maker'. However, if a Limit buy order is set above the market price, or a Limit sell order is set below the market price, this is treated as a Taker and will execute immediately until there is no more liquidity at that price, and any unfilled orders will be placed on the order book acting as a Maker again.
How are Trading Fees calculated?
Both Quickswap and MyTrade will charge a 0.3% trading fee to Takers. 0% trading fee for Makers.