Limit Order Mining Guide

You can earn MYT by placing orders on the Order Book within the valid spread on selected pairs. Limit Order Mining will go live soon!

1) Check the available trading pairs for Limit Order Mining by clicking Limit Order Mining on the Mining page.

2) You can now click on the trading pair to begin. For example, we will use the MATIC/USDC pair. Placing Limit Orders on the order book within the Valid Spread, which are the highlighted regions, will earn Limit Order Mining rewards. The larger the amount, closer to the market price, and longer time on the order book are the 3 factors for a larger reward.

3) In this example, we will place a Limit Buy Order on the Order Book right below the current market price.

4) Our Limit Order is in the “Buy 1” position on the order book as you can see below.

4) The moment that your order is placed on the Order Book, you will earn reward on every block until your order is taken by a Taker. There may be slight delays in displaying your MYT reward. Let rewards accumulate and then you can claim at anytime.

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