MyTrade Features

MyTrade offers several features that you can explore below!


MyTrade V2 on Polygon will route trades to Quickswap if there is no AMM liquidity on MyTrade V2. Traders can get the benefit of a professional trading view with price charts on MyTrade V2 while enjoying the trading depth of Quickswap. Once AMM liquidity is added on MyTrade V2, traders will be able to activate the Limit Order feature and Order Book.

MyTrade V2 on Moonbeam will only have native AMM and Order Books for each trading pair.

Liquidity Pools

Providing liquidity on MyTrade V2 will get you LP Tokens, which will earn you rewards in the form of trading fees for making sure there's always liquidity for the exchange to use.


Trade Mining

Takers can earn eMYT or MYT from successfully executing trades on selected pairs.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Providers can add liquidity to selected AMM pools to earn eMYT or MYT.

Limit Order Mining

Market Makers can earn eMYT or MYT by placing orders on the Order Book within the valid spread on selected pairs.


Bonding is a mechanism in which a user can sell LP tokens in exchange for a native project token.

MyTrade has borrowed the innovative Bonding feature from Olympus DAO and brought it to its DEX. You can find the Olympus DAO app and their bonding feature here:

Bonding is the process of trading an LP share in exchange for a native project token like MYT. Bonding is an alternative strategy compared to mining incentives to attract TVL.

With Bonding, you are giving up your LP Tokens in exchange for a Bond which consists of an amount of Tokens and a vesting period. It is important to know: when you create your bond, you are giving up your LP share in exchange for discounted tokens.

For example: You wish to Trade your MYT-USDC LP tokens for an MYT Bond. You will get compensated with more MYT than you would get on the open market (discounted MYT), but your exposure now becomes entirely to MYT instead of MYT-USDC LP.

Bond price is determined by the supply and demand of bonds. It trends higher when there is more demand. As a result, bonding is a very competitive space - bonders compete with each other to grab the largest discount.


Staking allows users to stake certain coins for a fixed duration (3, 6 or 12 months) and receive a fixed interest payment during that period. At the end of the staking period, your principal and interest earned will be returned.

The first token available for Staking will be MYT on the Polygon network. The longer the duration you stake your MYT, the higher your APR (annual interest earned). The Staking feature will be opened to all projects that are Polygon or Moonbeam.

Referral (Feature is coming soon!)

You will be able to refer your friends to join MyTrade and earn extra rewards! We will host referral competitions every month, with a leaderboard based on trading volume invited. Initially the rewards will be paid out in USDT/USDC. Later, we will give out rewards in MYT based on the amounts we buy back from the market.

These referral competitions will be reset every month, so you will have many opportunities to win! You can also invite your friends to join Liquidity Mining. We will reward the referrer an extra 5% bonus of the Liquidity Mining rewards of the referee. For Example: Jane invites Chris to join MyTrade Liquidity Mining. Chris stakes his LP token for Liquidity Mining and earns 100 MYT. Jane will receive an extra 5 MYT for referring Chris.

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