Pending Issue Fix

If you are stuck pending, and your initial transaction is failing to end like in the below image, read this guide to fix your issue.

This may occur from all transactions that create ‘pending’ status on MyTrade including Market Orders, Adding Liquidity, Claiming eMYT etc.

How to Fix

Please use the following steps to resolve your stuck pending status issue on MyTrade.

1) First, clear your Recent Transactions record. Click on the blue ‘Pending’ button in the top right corner. In the pop up screen, click ‘Clear All’ as seen in the below image.

2) Check your Metamask wallet Activity Queue to see if the pending transaction you just initiated is still there. If you can see it in Queue, you can now decide to speed it up or cancel it. Speeding up the transaction means you can add more gas to complete the transaction faster. If you choose to cancel the transaction, you can re-initiate it after.

3) If the transaction you just initiated is not in your Metamask Activity Queue, check whether it is in your Activity History, and then double check whether your trade has been completed properly. If your trade was not completed properly, please place another trade and try again.

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