How to Add/Remove Liquidity

Liquidity Providers can add 2 tokens at a pre-determined ratio to a liquidity pool. Providing liquidity will net you MyTrade LP Tokens. You can use these LP Tokens to participate in Liquidity Mining.

In this example, we will add liquidity using MATIC and USDC.

1) Visit the Liquidity page from the top menu bar.

2) Click the Add Liquidity button.

3) Next, you will want to select the top input in the trading pair you want to add liquidity to. In this example we are adding liquidity for the MATIC/USDC pair, so we will choose MATIC.

4) Next, you will want to select the bottom input in the trading pair you want to add liquidity to. We will choose USDC as our bottom input.

5) Enter the amount you wish to add in one of the tokens under Input. The other token’s amount will be calculated and filled automatically if someone has previously added the initial liquidity. If you are the first person to add liquidity, then you must create the initial price by adding both inputs.

6) Next, click approve for each token in the pair. (You only need to do this once for each token.)

7) Click Supply and confirm the transaction on your wallet. This will send your two tokens to MyTrade’s smart contracts and in return you will receive MyTrade LP Tokens, which you may be able to stake for Liquidity Mining (See Liquidity Mining Guide).

8) You can now check your liquidity positions under Your Liquidity. Here you can manage your liquidity positions (Removing Liquidity or Adding more Liquidity)

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